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calibrate your outreach.

cal·i·brate | adjust (experimental results) to take external factors into account or to allow comparison with other data.

I am passionate about helping brands grow their presence through effective storytelling, copywriting, and marketing guidance. I currently work with clients on all aspects of content and advise on multi-channel marketing. 

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Success in this age of digital disruption requires creativity, collaboration, and continual innovation. Let’s work together to bring your business to the next level through the power of content, design … experience.


With 18+ years of experience, I have a unique background at the intersection of technology and business. I have successfully developed business development practices from scratch, deployed content marketing strategies, aligned closely with UX and UI teams, and managed websites and development assignments.

At the University of South Florida, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a certificate in Web Development and Design, graduating Cum Laude. I am honored to be a guest writer on sites such as:

Magento Association, Retail Touchpoints, Shipstation, Oracle, Retail Today, and Pregnant Chicken

I also enjoyed being a long-time contributor to Huffington Post and Medium.

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Freelance Content Strategist

Helping clients navigate content options, putting together an executable content strategy around multi-channel content marketing, and editing/revising current content and copy; ensuring digital content is performance content (SEO).


Freelance SEO Content Creator

Conveying messaging through high-quality keyword optimized content to drive organic traffic via search engines.  This usually includes webpage content and blog posts. Aligning with design and development teams after website content has been created to advise on humanizing the entire digital experience.

Freelance Copywriter and Freelance Blogger

Converting traffic to engage effectively through effective copywriting. This can include product descriptions, Facebook and Instagram ads, social media posts, email campaigns, non-SEO landing pages, and print marketing materials. Ensuring all digital content is performance content and SEO where applicable.


Freelance Marketing Consultant

Leading clients by experience on how to best use online and offline communication channels, inbound and outbound tactics, to meet their growth goals and prepare for the future. Working to strategically connect all channels to create a seamless customer journey.

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Creating content that drives organic traffic or is driving sales leads is an ever moving target based largely around search engines and evolving customer expectations.

Here is some of the most recent work I am proud to have driven:

> I helped a client increase their Domain Authority score by 53% in a six month period through SEO content writing.

>Aligning with an internal user experience team and creating content for a landing page and a complimentary email campaign that resulted in 19 pre-booked meetings with prospects fitting their target market for a client at their largest annual trade show.

>Another client has recently hit an amazing +30% organic CTR on Google several months after I completed SEO content writing throughout their site pages and added regular blog posting into their content strategy.


I have worked with early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies as a freelance copywriter and freelance marketing consultant. The breadth of my experience is with B2B, specifically in technology, tech services, and manufacturing. I have also enjoyed partnering with several brands for wellness and beauty (did I mention I have a decade of experience working directly in that industry) and most recently the real estate industry.

I am always grateful for the experiences and growth each company offers me.

I would be honored to learn more about your company and engagement, as well as share about the past experiences that have brought me to where I am today in business as a freelance copywriter, blogger, and marketing consultant.

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Just for good measure you might want to know what kind of person I am outside of work. I enjoy spending time with my three young children and keeping my weekends wild with early morning soccer games and bounce house birthday parties. I get joy out of keeping my patient husband on his toes with always a new home renovation project. I strongly believe that meditating a minimum of ten minutes a day makes me a kinder, better human in this chaotic, overly connected world.

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